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As an artist, Tomer Avivi finds inspiration from the life stories of everyone he meets and the balance of experiences we have during our time together on earth. Avivi transformed his passion into his profession and now creates in-depth pieces of art that capture the personal journeys of his clients. He conducts detailed interviews then creatively transforms their stories and aspirations into original designs. Tomer Avivi grew up in Israel with his Eastern European mother and a father from Iraq. As a child he was always enthralled by the life story of his grandparents who survived the Holocaust and fought for the independence of Israel. Avivi immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and went on to continue his schooling in architecture before shifting gears and dedicating himself to art.

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His custom art pieces are engraved and hand painted onto wood pieces, often made from massive trees. All of Avivi’s pieces are made with pride and high regard for craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail.

About Ketubahs and Judaica Art

Since the biblical Betzalel was commissioned by God to create the Tabernacle in the wilderness, art has been an intrical part in telling the history of the Jewish journey. Ketubahs, or Jewish marriage contracts, have been adorning Jewish homes and synagogues for centuries as a sacred tradition that artist Avivi has transformed into a beautiful art piece that details the unique story of the bride and groom. Believing that the value of family is universal, Avivi sets out to create custom wood pieces that display the richness of one story of finding fulfillment in life. Each art piece is crafted from high-end wood, unique in its existence, like a fingerprint from God, a testament to the glory of the world around us.

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